Where to see

DTM opened in cinema’s in the Netherlands in november 2021.

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Film Festivals

July 20-27 2023
BOOM Festival, Portugal

May 31 – 4 June 4, 2023
Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, VOD

January 11-21, 2023
Bangalow Film Festival, Australia

Distribution Canada is set by January 2023 by Levelfilm

November 24 -26 2022
Spirit Film Festival Israel

October 28 2022
VOD premiere for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is set for October 28, 2022 by Polyband.

October 19-23 2022
Festival de Cinema Budista de Catalunya (FCBC), Barcelona Spain

October 7-9 2022
Festival La Conscience dans tous ses Etats France

October 2022
Screening ROXY in Prague, Czech Republic

August 2022
Sphinx Cinema Gent Belgium

June 30 2022
Garden Festival Landhuis Oud-Amelisweerd, Utrecht.
Screening: 19.00 hrs

June 29 2022
Broadcasting on Dutch TV, NPO 2 23:20 hrs

June 15-19 2022
Siberzalz Science and Media awards. Nomination Homeland Earth Award, Halle, Germany

June first – August 14 2022
BuddhaFest/Tricycle Online Festival all over USA

May – September 2022
Cultural Society, Deliberate Practice AB Sweden

May 2022
Nickelodeon Cinemas, USA

May 13 – 22 2022
Millennium Docs Against Gravity film festival Poland
World Economic Forum Davos, Switserland

April 28 – May 3 2022
Academia Film Olomouc, International Festival of Science Documentary Films Czech Republic

November 2021
InScience Film Festival, Nijmegen The Netherlands


June 20
Psychedelic Science 2023, Denver USA

Educational screenings

For educational screenings email MAGNETfilms in Berlin.

We are proud that students, art-schools, clubs, conferences and psychedelic societies, organise worldwide, with our help, special screenings.


July 2023
The Maudsley Psychedelic Society, UK

June 19-23
The Psychedelic Society Maps Screening in Colorado, USA

May 26
Stockholm University , Psykedeliska universitetsstudenter, Sweden

May 5-6
Regent Cinema , Australia

February 27
University of Aarhus, Denmark

January 25
Student Association of Psychedelic Science Norway

Portland Psychedelic Society, Oregon, USA

January 2023
Tricycle Magazine Monthly Film Club  USA      
– online for a month (not online yet)

October 2022
Basel Hyperwerk, Switzerland

October 11-17 2022
Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Global Summit USA

September 2022 – 5 days
Cultural Society, Deliberate Practice AB, Oslo, Sweden

September, 2022
Unsui Praxis Switzerland
ICPR Conference The Netherlands September, 2022

August 2022
Western New York Psychedelic Society, USA

June 17-25 2023
The Psychedelic Society Maps Screening in Colorado USA      

Berlin Mind Foundation Members, at Soho House Germany

June, 2022
Victoria Association for Psychedelic Studies VAPS, Canada

University of Southern Maine USA

June 2022, date tbc
Victoria Association for Psychedelic Studies VAPS, Canada

June 9th 2022
Buddist center, Bern, Switzerland

May 2022
Choka Sangha e.V. Germany

May 2, 2022
Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine University of Utah USA

We had special screenings in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico, Switzerland.
CITIES: Berlin, Lausanne, Zurich, Paris, Lyon, Mexico City, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, San Francisco, Oslo, Stockholm, Den Haag, Baden, Marseille.

Where to hear

The soundtrack of this film contains music composed by Cosmo Sheldrake and Michel Banabila.

Read more about these amazing artists

Soundtrack for ‘Descending The Mountain’ @ Spotify

Descending the Mountain – EP, Michel Banabila

Wake up calls, Cosmo Sheldrake